Both provocative and engaging, he is a Designer with 11 years experience. Be it hand drawn illustration or modern logo creation digitally, he is an expert in creating unique imagery, innovative branding ideas and clever marketing campaigns. 

Deliverables Include:  logo design, custom illustrations, custom packaging graphics, branding schemes for multi-platform advertising, P.O.P display and layouts, imagery for merchandise or clothing, vectorized graphics for large displays such as car wraps, window decals, billboard layouts and custom signage, hand lettering, banner ad & social media graphics, custom typography and acrylic paintings.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Alexander Williamson




Alexander Williamson is an artist who is not confined to any particular medium or style. He has worked with digital design, acrylic & oil paints, pen & ink illustration, design, typography design, and photography. He calls the Pacific Northwest his home and works based out of Seattle WA. Although his true passion is art, he also holds two degrees from Western Washington University in History and Anthropology. 
  Between his background in cultural anthropology, history, art, tattooing, production art and graphic design, he has learned to fuse many different and unique elements of the visual arts to forge a dynamic and unique style. Hands down, his strongest thematic influence is nature. Most of his artistic imagery includes flora and fauna woven in with surrealist patterns and designs. Other predominate style elements include bold line work and heavy contrast using geometry and vivid color schemes.
    Over the last decade he has worked on commissioned projects with a wide variety of artistic mediums and styles. From murals and pet portraits, to advertising, branding and set design installation artwork at the Sasquatch Music festival in 2016. He is always looking for challenging new projects to take on and would love to discuss ideas and tasks with new clients. His flexibility, creativity and skill allow any and everyone from small business to corporations to have access to high quality art work. If you would like to utilize Alexander's artistic skills, please contact him via Email at alexanderjwilliamson@gmail.com or find him on Facebook, Instagram